• Abiola Abrams

    Abiola Abrams

    Award-winning author Abiola Abrams is a self-worth midwife, intuitive coach, transformational speaker and founder of the Goddess Temple Podcast and Mystery School.

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  • Alan Murdie

    Alan Murdie

    Lawyer, writer, researcher and Chairman of the Ghost Club, Alan Murdie has a special interest in hauntings and the paranormal. He has a monthly column in the Fortean Times.

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  • Alex Grey

    Alex Grey

    Themes of transcendence and death weave through legendary visionary artist Alex Grey's works, from his earliest drawings to later performances, paintings and sculpture - including his CoSM.

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  • Dr Ali Young

    Dr Ali Young

    Dr Ali Young has worked with conscious dance practices for more than 30 years, working extensively with Gabrielle Roth, the founder of 5 Rhythms. She now teaches Movement Medicine.

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  • Dr Alinda Damsma

    Dr Alinda Damsma

    Dr Alinda Damsma lectures on ancient Semitic languages and is the Deputy Head of the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies at University College London (UCL).

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  • Alistair Appleton

    Alistair Appleton

    TV presenter, psychotherapist and dedicated Buddhist meditation teacher, Alistair Appleton brings the life-changing magic of Tibetan protectors to The College of Psychic Studies.

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  • Alla Svirinskaya

    Alla Svirinskaya

    Alla Svirinskaya is a medically trained, fifth-generation energy healer who was coached secretly by her mother in Soviet Moscow. She counts numerous royal clients among those she has helped.

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  • Allen Moore o2o

    Allen Moore o2o

    Artist Allen Moore o2o has been practicing Automatism to create art since he was a child. He works mainly through trance, and his work has been shown in numerous exhibitions at the College.

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  • Allison C. Meier

    Allison C. Meier

    Brooklyn-based writer, editor and researcher Allison C. Meier's articles have been published in multiple international titles. Her book, Grave, nods to her work as a cemetery tour guide.

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  • Allyson Grey

    Allyson Grey

    Allyson Grey, a conceptual abstract painter and co-founder of CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, has long been a mentor and influencer of the contemporary Visionary Art movement.

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  • Amanda Harrison

    Amanda Harrison

    Amanda Harrison is an occasional art historian and poet, having previously worked in the fields of architecture, urban planning and interior design. She has a special interest in Francis Bacon.

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  • Amanda Watson

    Amanda Watson

    Tarot Consultant Amanda Watson trained at the College, and believes tarot to be a gateway for understanding and reflecting on life in order to move forward in a positive way.

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