What is healing?

A healer acts as a channel for healing energies that help to establish balance in body, mind and spirit. Healing may be given as a complementary therapy for any illness, stress or injury. It has no side effects and is not specific to any religious or spiritual beliefs. Similarly, healing does not distinguish between race, class, sex or religion.

Healing is not a magic wand that can make all well. It is a process that requires your commitment. A willingness to change is fundamental to the healing process. Furthermore, healing cannot be given without consent. No guarantee can or will be made about the outcome. 

Find a College-accredited healer near you

The College Register of Accredited Healers is a list of qualified, practising healers who have successfully graduated from our two-year Integrated Healing Diploma Course and have agreed for us to share their details here. These healers are members of the College, are insured for healing, and have declared up-to-date Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

For a list of College registered accredited healers who have been approved to give private healing sessions at the College, please click here.

Please note, our accredited healers adhere to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Healing and agree to abide by UK Healers (the College's regulatory body for healing), which is recognised by the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapy (GRCCT).