• Anastasia DeQuincy

    Anastasia DeQuincy

    Psychic Medium Anastasia DeQuincy has a corporate background, and studied to develop her intuitive gifts at the College. She has a special interest in healing and psychology.

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  • Andrea Aste

    Andrea Aste

    Andrea Aste is a multimedia artist, writer and animator. His works have been shown in museums and in prestigious art exhibitions worldwide, including the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale.

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  • Andreas Kornevall

    Andreas Kornevall

    A natural-born storyteller and Seidr practitioner, Andreas Kornevall works with ancient Norse rituals and spirituality. His passion is unearthing forgotten folklore and endangered Norse languages.

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  • Andrew Gough

    Andrew Gough

    Andrew Gough is a researcher, writer, editor of The Heretic Magazine, television presenter on historical documentaries and enthusiast of ancient lands, mysteries and traditions.

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  • Angela Watkins

    Angela Watkins

    Angela Watkins teaches mediumship and inspired speaking to a professional level. She is also a College-accredited healer and teaches healing for small animals and horses.

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  • Angie Buxton-King

    Angie Buxton-King

    Angie Buxton-King is a Reiki Master/Teacher, healer, author and public speaker. She founded The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust which supports cancer patients and their families.

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  • Ann Théato

    Ann Théato

    Psychic medium, award-winning writer and founder of the Psychic Matters Podcast, Ann Théato teaches us how to use heightened sensitivity to communicate with the spirit world.

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  • Anna Parkinson

    Anna Parkinson

    Healer Anna Parkinson was told she had an inoperable brain tumour. She tried every solution until, at last, she found healing. She now shares all she has learnt by writing and teaching.

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  • Anne Bayford

    Anne Bayford

    A near-death experience awoke Anne Bayford to different energy fields and dimensions. She is a skilled psychic medium, cognitive hypnotherapist, neurolinguistic practitioner and life coach.

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  • Anne Jirsch

    Anne Jirsch

    Anne Jirsch is one of the world’s foremost future life progressionists. A pioneer in this field, she has supported thousands of people in gaining insight into their future and fulfilling their potential.

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  • Annie Penny

    Annie Penny

    College accredited healer Annie Penny is a Master EFT trainer. She has received full certification in all aspects of Healing with Cancer and has worked with cancer in hospitals all over London.

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  • Anthony Kesner

    Anthony Kesner

    College Tutor Anthony Kesner studied mediumship under Robin Winbow and Gerrie March. He brings out the best in every student and has a wealth of experience to share.

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