• Jan 11

    A Guided Experience of Psychic Sleep

    Gráinne McAnallen

    Online Talks - Open to all

    Pillows at the ready! Tune in for our FREE livestream experience of Psychic Sleep and discover how it can support your healing and development.

  • Feb 15

    Decode Your Illness: Heal Your Life

    Isabelle Benarous

    Online Talks - Open to all

    This FREE livestream lecture reveals the link between our emotional stresses and our physical health, and how we can work with this knowledge for healing.

  • Past Event

    The Wisdom of a Broken Heart

    Lars Muhl

    Online Talks - Open to all

    Lars Muhl unpacks the secret teachings and practices of Yeshua (Jesus) and Mariam (Mary) as contained in his latest book, 'The Wisdom of a Broken Heart'.

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