• Lou Marks

    Lou Marks

    Having trained at the College in Gerrie March's class, Lou Marks is now a College consultant in tarot and mediumship. She is passionate about helping people starting out on their spiritual path.

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  • Louisa Williams

    Louisa Williams

    Louisa is a professional communicator, intuitive medium and spiritual counsellor, with a background in Performance Arts (BA Hons) and international communication.

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  • Louise Mita

    Louise Mita

    Louise Mita is President and CEO of The Art Of Energy, Inc., and creator of Integrative Quantum Medicine™. She has studied metaphysical alchemy, healing, and martial arts since 1968.

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  • Lucy Aumonier

    Lucy Aumonier

    Lucy Aumonier is a College-accredited spiritual healer who works intuitively, psychically and mediumistically. She works consciously with her spirit team to restore balance and harmony.

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    Lucya Starza

    Lucya Starza is an eclectic witch living in London, England. She writes A Bad Witch's Blog at www.badwitch.co.uk and is the author of Pagan Portals – Scrying as well as other books published by Moon Books on candle magic, poppets, and guided visualisations.

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  • Maggy Whitehouse

    Maggy Whitehouse

    Kabbalah teacher Maggy Whitehouse is an independent Catholic priest, stand-up comedian and workshop leader on mysticism and the Kingdom of Heaven. She has written numerous books.

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  • Mandy Preece

    Mandy Preece

    Mandy Preece is a soul midwife (holistic end of life companion), motivational speaker and tutor. She supports various palliative care initiatives, particularly Macmillan Caring Locally.

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  • Maria Antoniou

    Maria Antoniou

    College Tutor Maria Antoniou was aware of her mediumistic abilities since an early age. She suppressed them for years, but eventually came to train at the College. She now teaches with us.

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  • Mark Harris

    Mark Harris

    Mark Harris is a spiritual healer, dowser and colour therapist. He currently practices a body integration therapy called Kinetic Chain Release, which is a form of massage.

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  • Martha Brett

    Martha Brett

    US-born College Tutor Martha Brett is a College-accredited healer who specialises in grounding, protection and spirit release. She has lived and travelled around the globe, and now calls London home.

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  • Mary Attwood

    Mary Attwood

    Mary Attwood is an art historian, writer, meditation and relaxation teacher. Loyal to the academic and alternative, her work spans art history, Eastern and Western philosophies and consciousness.

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  • Maryrose Moses O'Brien

    Maryrose Moses O'Brien

    Mindfulness practitioner, spirit-inspired artist and intuitive counsellor, Maryrose Moses O'Brien has over 30 years experience in healing and meditation.

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