In the shadows of myths and symbols lies the heartbeat of history. Explore the profound connection between them as we unravel the coded messages that define human experience in this livestream talk.

Join us to meet the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon by travelling back in time, where the enigmatic whispers of symbolism reveal untold truths.

Enter the hidden realm of symbols, where words falter but icons endure. Discover the Gothic Cathedrals' three-dimensional code, the 'langue verte' – a language of initiation.

From the Pythagoreans to the Templars, witness the alchemical transmutation of symbols and how they transcend mere images, embracing colours, numbers and spiritual origins.

Book now for an intriguing introductory exploration of the lost symbols of the Knights Templar, encoded in stone, echoing secrets embedded in plain view. "Decoding the Symbolism of the Knights Templar" – where every symbol tells a story, and every story holds a key.


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This talk will be live in our online classroom

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About Helena B. Scott

Image of course leader Helena B. Scott Writer, historian, mental/light trance medium, and psychic investigator Helena B. Scott's main area of interest is in uncovering secret histories, specialising in the Knights Templar.
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