If anyone can show you how to fully express, embrace and celebrate your unique self, it's Kodo Nishimura.

Kodo is a Buddhist monk, makeup artist, LGBTQ+ activist, and one of Time Magazine's Next Generation Leaders, class of 2021. With his artfully painted face, Buddhist robes and gentle, compassionate approach, Kodo has the kind of immense presence that you sit up and pay attention to.

Now identified as gender gifted, Kodo grew up in a traditional family of Buddhist monks in Japan. He has oscillated between studying art and makeup, and his life-long Buddhist training. Now, Kodo combines a passion for spirituality and beauty to champion individuality and uniqueness. Kodo shares this fascinating story in This Monk Wears Heels (Watkins Publishing).

During this live two-hour event, which will be split into two sections, Kodo will wave his fairy godmother wand and give you confidence inside and out.

Part 1: How to gain confidence in your uniqueness

  • Summary of Buddhism
  • Kodo's story of living authentically
  • Insightful Buddhist teachings
  • How to be generous with other people
  • Controlling emotions

Part 2: Style, colour and makeup as a communication tool (+ makeup tutorial)

  • Learning how to read others through their own self-expression and aesthetics
  • How we intuitively react to others depending on what they're wearing, and how this helps you to figure out who resonates with you, who doesn't, and why
  • Soft, sharp, bold, modest, opinionated, confident… Kodo will share discoveries about how you can match your makeup to your mood for optimum, positive impact
  • Five rules to amplify your makeup techniques:
    • Choosing foundation colour
    • Eyeshadow blending
    • Perfect lipliner
    • Symmetry
    • Finding a look that suits you

This course will give you the torch you need to be confident, and the flair to navigate the world. By the end, people will be asking: "Who was that person who left the glass slipper!?".

£1 from every ticket sold will be donated to Pride in London.


Here's what to expect:

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About Kodo Nishimura

Image of course leader Kodo Nishimura Kodo Nishimura is a Buddhist monk, Makeup Artist, LGBTQ Activist, and Model. His mission is to empower all people sharing Buddhist wisdom - with a touch of makeup.
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