Are you interested in psychic art? Have you ever doodled mindlessly and been surprised at the results? Do your hands ever tingle or get hot? Are you simply curious about psychic art? YES?

Then maybe it's time to join in this free conversation…

Here, June-Elleni talks about psychic drawing, spirit-inspired portraits and automatic drawing. She shares some of the secrets to using our connection with the spirit realms to draw without a plan or outline and 'see' both shape and meaning within our own artwork.

June-Elleni also shares a short video demo of automatic drawing.

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About June-Elleni Laine

Image of course leader June-Elleni Laine Having worked as a soul artist and clairvoyant for over 20 years, June-Elleni Laine is ideally equipped to teach spirit connection. She is fascinated by drawing portraits of loved ones in spirit.
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