Would you like to experience healing from a group of multidimensional beings known as the Spirit Doctor Team? In this recording, Susan Gash introduces the Team, shares how they work and then gently guides you into an experiential healing session with them.

Many of these doctors previously walked on the earth plane as physicians and healers giving them great understanding and compassion for the human condition. They now continue their stellar work from spirit side. The Team utilises future tools and technologies along with ancient earth wisdoms creating a wide range of healing modalities to assist you.

Participants often feel the Team working with them. Some have seen the Doctors and others have heard them speak. Unique insights and guidance are many times given to both contemplate and propel you to your next level.

You will be guided into a deep state of relaxation and held in their loving field and hands. Here, past life issues impacting you in this lifetime can resolve. Life force energies within your physical, emotional, and mental bodies can restore. People have said that they feel lighter, less encumbered, and more confident. After a session with the Team many are ready to reclaim their sovereignty, well-being, and their multidimensionality.

Because we are living in times of rapid change and rising frequencies on the planet, our bodies can be quite ruffled. Susan will be asking to calm the body's systems and for expansion of the cells capacities to allow in the Light that is currently streaming on the planet.

Now more than ever, access to these magnificent energies and profound healings is possible as the veils to the spirit world are dissolving. 

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