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    May 20

    Tarot Advanced

    Avril Price

    Online Courses - Advanced

    This 10-week advanced online tarot course is an opportunity to develop professionally and personally with Tarot Master Avril Price.

    Members: £210.00
    Non Members: £240.00

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    May 23

    Tarot Foundation

    Avril Price

    Online Courses - Foundation

    This 10-week livestream foundation course is your first step in gathering together your tarot tool box for your ongoing journey with the cards.

    Members: £190.00
    Non Members: £220.00

  • May 25

    Tarot Intermediate

    Avril Price

    Online Courses - Intermediate

    Our 10-week intermediate livestream tarot course teaches you new spreads, helps you explore your birth and name numbers and strengthens your intuition.

    Members: £200.00
    Non Members: £230.00

  • Sep 3

    Tarot Diploma: Develop as a Professional Tarot Reader

    Avril Price

    Online Courses - Professional

    Ready for a soulful career in tarot? Take your passion to the next level with this certified, professional course.


  • Oct 18

    Tarot’s Forgotten Iconography, Symbolism and Storytelling Power

    Laetitia Barbier

    Online Courses - Open to all

    Morbid Anatomy's Head Librarian maps the historical symbols of the major arcana in this livestream course.

    Members: £110.00
    Non Members: £140.00